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What is Lamictal used for?

The drug, Lamictal, also popularly known as lamotrigine, works to combat epilepsy. It is both an anti epileptic as well as anticonvulsant medication. For the treatment of epilepsy in both children and adults, the drug could be used alone or mixed with other drugs. Also, this drug has been effective in its application on maniac depression to delay possible mood episodes in affected patients suffering from bipolar disorderliness.
In whichever form the drug is, either the normal tablet or the dispersible one (the immediate release form), it can be administered to children from age 2 upwards as a mixture with other drugs and not alone. This is applicable to children between the age of 2 and 16 years. However, Lamictal (the extended release form) can be applied for use in children within 13 years and other adult categories.

How to use Lamictal

A patient must follow the given medical prescription for the use of the drug. The label on the drug should be properly read. Irrespective of your condition, the drug should not be extended beyond the recommended period. Regular blood test during drug administration is recommended to help your doctor ascertain you are consuming the right quantity of lamictal dosage.
The forms of the drugs, immediate and extended release are used for treating different health conditions. The recommended form should be bought and checked for consistency before leaving the pharmacy. You can also ask questions to clear your doubts from your doctor or pharmacist.
For the extended release Lamictal XR, the tablet should be swallowed and not chewed, broken or crushed. For the orally dispersible type often referred to as ODT, it should be dissolved with saliva in your mouth without chewing but swallowed the dissolved particles in bits. Alternatively, you can swallow the dissolved tablet by drinking liquid. The ODT can also be dissolved in either water or fruit juice in one teaspoonful and not more than a minute. Mixture should be consumed immediately without any reservation for future use.
The drug should not be abruptly stopped as a result of improved condition because sudden Lamictal withdrawal may lead to further seizures but let your doctor know every intended decision. For other treatments, your doctor should be duly informed that you are under Lamictal medication.

Side Effects Of Lamictal

Lamictal side effects like other drugs but can be managed if you are in close connection with your doctor and other health providers. These can both be mild and severe depending on the consumer’s body features. Symptoms of some mild allergic reactions could be swollen lips, face, throat or tongue, painful sores around the mouth or eyes, swollen glands and difficulty in breathing. For more severe cases of sore throat, fever or lamictal rash, restlessness, depression also known as Lamictal depression, hyperactivity, or other mood changes, the doctor should be consulted. Other effects include:
Irregular menstrual periods
Low blood count
Brain inflammation
Cough and chest pain
Poor/ double vision
Loss of coordination
The lists are endless but if you notice any change in your system quickly alert your doctor. There have been recorded cases of false result for any medical test. Discuss with your doctor about the medication you are into before embarking on any laboratory test.

Possible Precautions When On Lamictal

If you already know you are allergic to it, better inform your doctor because the product has some inactive contents that may pose some challenges. What are the necessary precautions?
Let you doctor know your past health history such as cases of liver or kidney diseases
Patients should neither drive nor operate machines when on this drug because it can cause dizziness
There is the need to reduce alcohol intake while on this treatment
Your doctor should also be informed about your current Lamictal usage should you be scheduled for surgery
For effectiveness, it should be strictly used according to medical prescription
Before you run out of medicine, it is advisable to get your prescription well refilled
Drugs should be kept away from sunlight and damp areas but kept in room temperature

Drugs That Can Interact With Lamictal

There are some drugs that can naturally inhibit the effectiveness of this drug and so, if you are on any other medication before your doctor recommends this to you, you should inform him/her about it be it herbal product, vitamins or other self medicated pills. Other categories include:
All hormonal birth control medications, oxcarbazepine (Trileptal), phenytoin (Dilantin), carbamazepine (Equetro, Carbatrol and Tegretol), phenobarbital (Solfoton), among others.

Lamictal Overdose

There is the possibility of overdose due to ignorance or carelessness. Medical attention should be sought in such cases because it can result in negative health conditions. Some of these symptoms include increased seizures, fainting, blurred vision difficulty with coordination and being light headed.



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