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What is Lasix?

Lasix generic name is furosemide is a water pill (loop diuretic) that helps to prevent excess absorption of salt into the body by diverting it into the urine instead. With the increase in your urine, the body gets rid of too much salt and also water. As furosemide lasix helps the reduction of edema usually caused by liver/kidney infection and heart related challenges, its symptoms such as swollen legs, abdomen and arms as well as shortness of breath are drastically reduced. The drug has also been effective in the treatment of HBP because with lowered HBP, heart attacks, kidney related disease and strokes are prevented. Your doctor may prescribe this drug for other uses not specified here as he/she deems fit and according to his/her professionalism and expertise.

How To Use Lasix

The drug should be taken according to doctor’s prescription. There should not be overdose with the aim of hastening recovery and its effectiveness because overdose can lead to hearing loss that is irreversible. If there is any adjustment to the recommended dose, let the doctor use his/her expertise to initiate it for better result.
Drug should be properly measured using the prescribed measuring spoon or cup. Do not forget to ask your doctor for the normal dosage before leaving the office. It is better to follow all doctor’s advice with respect to adding potassium supplement or not since the drug dehydrates and cause you to urinate more than normal.
Do not discontinue drug on the basis of health improvement even if you have not completed the required Lasix dosage. It should be kept at room temperature away from dampness and light. The liquid form should be consumed between 60 and 90 days after content has been opened. Left over should be discarded and thrown away.
There are some lifestyle changes that can help better functioning of this Lasix medication. They include exercise, stress reduction, avoiding smoking and alcohol and diet improvement.

Lasix Overdose

In case of overdose either done intentionally or by mistake, consult your doctor for immediate solution. Your health history is different from another patient’s so; do not share your recommended dose with another patient because you may not comprehend fully the status of his/her health. Your once recommended dose may not be repeated so, do not try self medication based on past treatment and recommendation.

Side Effects Of Lasix

Just like other categories of drugs, this has some possible adverse effects such as blurred vision, light-headedness, dizziness and headache at the initial stage of drug administration when the body is still adjusting to it. While this may be considered as mild symptoms, you are expected to complain to your doctor as changes are noticed to prevent adverse or negative implications. Patients’ experiences so far have attested to the fact that the drug is not as dangerous as the benefit to be derived from it as they have experienced little or no side effects.
The feeling of light headedness and slight dizziness can be controlled by slowly getting up from a sleeping or sitting position. Other possible side effects include: dehydration, weakness, confusion, fainting, dry mouth, vomiting, muscle cramps, increased heart beat rate, low quantity of urine, among others. For any of these symptoms, the doctor should be consulted and carried along.

Possible Precautions

If you have used the drug before and you have reacted to it, don’t hesitate to let your doctor know your previous experience. Also, other allergies should be discussed with your doctor at the point of prescription. Intimate him/her with your health history either of kidney or liver challenges, inability to pass urine, experience of lupus and gout in the past or at present.
The drug can work to reduce or have negative impact on your sugar level as a diabetic patient. Your doctor must know if you are diabetic before prescribing it for you and also monitor you while on the drug as your medication as well as diet may be monitored during the period of drug administration.
Lasix drug may work towards the reduction of blood potassium level. This may cause additional potassium supplement recommendation or the addition of food rich in Lasix potassium into your diet. This is the strong connection between Lasix and potassium.

Possible Drug Interactions

Any interaction with the effectiveness of the drug can lead to adverse side effects and have negative impact on your health. It is recommended that your doctor be aware of all recent or past drugs consumed for the sickness before using this drug. It is also dangerous to change or stop the drug without notifying your doctor as this can impact your health. Some of the ingredients that can interact with this drug include: lithium and ethacrynic acid. All labels should be properly checked for the presence of ibuprofen, common cold ingredients and naproxen. These ingredients can increase edema or increased blood pressure.



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