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What is levitra?

This drug is one of the major solutions to the common erectile dysfunction in men. It is therefore aimed at treating all forms of impotence in men. It works to relax muscles found around the walls of the blood cells and also increases the flow of blood to the penile region of the body where it carries out its function. Doctors may also prescribe this drug for other purposes other than this depending on their reasons and the sickness in question.

How to use Levitra

The right dosage as prescribed by your doctor should be adhered to by following all prescription on the label if you buy levitra online. You must not reduce or increase the quantity of the medicine from the prescribed amount. You can take Levitra with food or without food. The medicine should be taken before any sexual intercourse precisely 60 minutes and must be taken only when you are ready for sexual activity. Since an erection will not automatically happen just by taking the pill, it follows that you engage in some sexual stimulation while doctor’s prescription is strictly followed.
You must not take the drug multiple times in a day but once, thus allowing the space of 24 hours between each dose. The drug should be stored away from heat, sunlight and moisture but at room temperature.

Levitra Dosage

This is the usual dose for an adult male who wants improvement on his impotence. The initial dose should not exceed 10 mg and should be taken once per day orally only when ready for sexual intercourse usually 60 minutes before the act. This can however be increased to 20mg or reduced to 5mg depending on how adaptable your body is to it and its effectiveness. However, no one should exceed the maximum dose of 20mg per day.
For those on alpha blocker therapy, the initial dose should be 5mg per day taken orally. This should be accompanied with sexual stimulation for proper response to treatment. Also, there should be time interval between each dose when using it with alpha blocker. For any confusion, consult your doctor.

Levitra Side Effect

The common side effects of this drug include flushing, runny nose, back pain, headache, stomach upset, indigestion and dizziness. The medicine can also cause an erection that lasts for about 4 hours. In that case, get doctor’s assistance because it can have negative effect on the penis by damaging it. There may be few cases of blurred vision. Addition of other ED drugs to Levitra such as PDE5 inhibitors may cause loss of vision on either eyes and loss of hearing. For such adverse effects, you must immediately discontinue the use of the product and also consult your doctor. This is why self medication can be dangerous. All medications should be recommended by your doctor who already knows your health history.
There are several levitra reviews on the effectiveness of the drug with little to no adverse side effects but with complaint on levitra cost.


If you know you are allergic to vardenafil, which is generic levitra, you should avoid Levitra and consult your doctor to prescribe a better alternative for you. You must not combine vardenafil and riociguat together. You must also avoid nitrate drugs used for treating heart and chest problems. Let your doctor know you are on some drugs and ask if they can affect the effectiveness of Levitra or cause serious side effects. Also, let your doctor know the following:
If you have heart problem
If you have experienced heart attack, heart failure or stroke in the past 6 months
If you have any health history of QT syndrome
If you have HBP or LBP
If you have liver or kidney disease
If you have any experience of seizures
If you have any blood cell disorder like leukemia or sickle cell anemia
If you have stomach ulcer
If you have any eye infection, vision and hearing impairment
If you have any physical deformity in your sexual organ
If you have been warned against having sexual intercourse for health purpose

Taking levitra vs Viagra can cause a lot of health problems; so, both should not be combined for any reason. The only way out of having complications is to consult with your doctor before embarking on any medication instead of trying to help yourself out. It is always prevention that is far better than cure as some of the side effects may not even have cure.
As effective as the drug is in combating and enhancing male sexual performance, it should be noted that it does not prevent sexual transmitted diseases between partners neither does it serve as any form of sexual protection against any other disease like HIV.



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