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What is Lexapro?

Lexapro generic name is escitalopram acts as an antidepressant, which belongs to SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). It functions for those suffering from anxiety and depression by affecting those chemicals in their brain, which can make them unbalanced. While this drug is specially designed for adults suffering from anxiety and depression, adolescents from the age of 12 can also use it.

How To Use Lexapro

The right dosage as prescribed by your doctor should be adhered to by following all prescriptions on the label. You must not reduce or increase the quantity of the medicine from the prescribed amount. You must stick to the stipulated time of drug administration for each day. The drug can be taken with food or without food only once per day.
The liquid form of the drug should be taken with the prescribed measuring device, cup or spoon. You must remember to ask your pharmacist for the measuring device if it is absent from the purchased content.
You must continue with the drug should your health improve before the stipulated time because the drug should be taken within four weeks. Your doctor should be carried along with respect to any symptom or changes. It is not advisable to stop the drug suddenly according to professional experts and online reviews. You must ensure all prescribed dose are taken. Lexapro should be kept away from light and moisture at room temperature.
Your doctor should be duly informed about any incident of overdose. For any missed dose, take it at the point of remembrance or wait for the next stipulated dose.

Lexapro Dosage

For adolescent above 12 years, the recommended dose is 10mg per day. If the dose is to be increased, it should be left for the doctor to do and not a personal decision. While this is a general dose, your doctor can use his/her initiative to increase or reduce the dose and the number of time it should be taken depending on the severity of your condition.
For an adult, the recommended dose is 10mg per day. The doctor has the ultimate right to reduce or increase it with respect to your health condition and other factors well considered by him/her.
Under no account should you take laws into your hands to reduce or increase the stipulated dosage as this can have adverse effect on your health.

Side Effects Of Lexapro

Lexapro like other medicines also have side effects or allergic reactions. Some of which are skin rash, swollen face, throat, tongue and lips, difficulty in breathing. Other symptoms are behavior or mood changes, insomnia, hostile, restlessness, aggression, irritation, agitation, blurred vision, loss of appetite, loss of coordination, nausea, tremor, weight changes resulting in lexapro weight gain or lexapro weight loss, profuse sweating, drowsiness and decreased sex drive.
The list is endless as individuals may experience different side effects depending on their body make up but for any change experienced during the course of this drug administration, your doctor should be called and informed.

Drug Interaction

You must let your doctor know of your past drugs or those currently being used by you because there are some drugs that can interact seriously with the potency of Lexapro. Pimozide should not be used with Lexapro neither should it be used with the treatment of methylene (blue) injection. You must avoid this drug if MAO inhibitor has been taken in the past fourteen days. The interaction of these drugs can pose serious health challenge.
You must avoid self medication as you may not know the content of the drug that may interact with the effectiveness of lexapro. This drug should not be given to anyone less than 12 years and for older people, they should constantly be under the supervision of their doctor while other family members should keep keen eyes on you during the period of this drug administration.


Online lexapro may be dangerous for you because it may not be licensed and the ingredients may be dangerous. You must also wait for about fourteen days before you can take MAOI. Let the doctor know if you’ve had: diabetes, heart disease, seizures, liver/kidney infection, bipolar disorder and any form of drug abuse.

If you are pregnant, you must let your doctor know your pregnant state before embarking on this treatment as it may affect the lungs of the baby. Other ingredients within the drug can also pass into the breast milk to affect your baby; you must therefore let your doctor know you are breast feeding.

Lexapro should not be taken simultaneously with tryptophan. Alcohol should be avoided while taking Lexapro as it increases risk of having side effects because lexapro and alcohol are incompatible. Since it may have adverse effect on your reactions and thinking faculty, you may have to avoid operating heavy machines and also driving.



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