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Propecia Reviews

Propecia is a medicine that is effective in protection of transforming Testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. It works by blocking enzyme 5 alpha-reductase from transforming testosterone to its active shape in the body.

Does propecia work?

Propecia primarily is used for preventing the loss of hair in male patients on the vertex and from the mid-scalp. This medicine is designated for only men so it should be avoided by women and children. Pattern loss of hair in men is a condition in which the hair at the frontal part of head undergoes thinning and as a result, they are lost gradually resulting in a decrease of the hair line, and in some extreme cases, a hairless front of the head.
Propecia, though possessing benefits for the treatment of above-mentioned facts, contains side effects too. The common side effects may include Chills, Cold sweats, Confusion and Dizziness when one gets up from the lying/sitting posture. Less common side effects of the tablet include itching of skin, rashes in the skin, abnormal gain or the loss of weight. If any of these side effects occur while you are taking the medicine should readily consult the doctor.
In the other case, there are some propecia side effects which are exiled when the body gets used to of the medicine. They include reduced the desire of sexual activities, Watery or Running nose, Pain in back, Headache, drowsy head.
Propecia Results become very clear gradually and slowly. It can be said that the results are visible after sometimes use of the medicine. The prime positive result that is reported by its users is the reduction in hair loss and eventually halting the hair loss. It has also been reported that the medicine has shown positive growth of hair after the proper dosage intake. The growth of hair on the mid-scalp area is reported to be seen clearly after the use and in some cases, the patients have also benefited of re-growth in the front part.

Propecia price

Propecia is available in a dosage of 1mg tablets with a variety of sizes in tablet packing and their plan. Propecia dosage must be administered and consulted by an expert doctor. Propecia costs online with 28 tablets for one month plan costing $64.32. The pack containing 56 tablets for two months plan is costing $123.94. Three months plan to have 84 tablets is available for $164.5 and lastly, 168 tablets are available for 6 months for $325. It must be noted here that the price varies with variety on available online services and the place where the delivery is required.
The Generic Propecia has also been approved and is labeled as “Finasteride” which is a tablet manufactured and distributed by different companies. These companies include:
It must be noted here that some fraudulent and dishonest online pharmacies are selling the illegal and corrupted version of generic Propecia. The medicine they sell might be potentially dangerous to use so it is advised to take safety measures first before ordering online.
Hair loss is a now a common problem in men because of the change in the climate of the earth. This climatic activity is affecting very vastly on the human race targeting their genetics. Propecia has gained popularity worldwide after it was prepared in the lab and presented in the market. Since then, its customers are increasing gradually. There are many examples available online which can be seen having the transformation effects after the use of medicine for some time. “Before using the Propecia, the hair loss was increasing gradually but after getting and trying it, the problem has stopped and in fact, the hair growth started again”. These types of comments are very often to be seen in the review of Propecia.
Hair Loss occurs in females too. Their Hair loss pattern is specified by a loss of hair in the top part of the scalp and in some cases at the sides. Hair loss in women is caused by estrogen loss and increased androgen levels. This can also be a result of styling processes women use to make different styles of hair. Propecia for women is not generally appreciated but the doctor can recommend any medicine that he deems suitable to deal with the problem, so it is recommended by the doctors who deem suitable, although it is not approved by FDA. The doctors advise this medicine after checking the androgen levels and if they are elevated, this medicine is prescribed.
Propecia is somewhat dangerous to be advised to women because it is reported to have some adverse side effects. It can affect those women adversely who are pregnant and due to its absorbing nature, they are even advised not to hold the tablets. Propecia can result in generating genital problems and abnormalities in the fetus. Some more side effects are Hot flashes, increased sweating, and an increase in body hair.
Propecia dosage is one tablet (1mg) daily, which is recommended by the practitioners. It can be taken any time in the daily routine, with meals or without meals. To observe the outcome of medicine, it is generally advised to be used for three months and constantly use for 1 year for best results.
You can buy Propecia online from various online services available as it is a very popular medicine to treat hair loss in men now. The deals differ in different online pharmacies and the providers.



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