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What is Reglan used for?

Reglan medication is used to cure certain diseases of stomach and intestines. It is also used to treat persistent heartburn and the heartburn occurs after eating or in the day time. The harm done by stomach acid to the esophagus can be decreased by the use of Reglan.
The diabetic patients, who have bad emptying stomach conditions, can take Reglan. Treating such disease can reduce the symptoms of nausea and abdominal fullness. It blocks dopamine that is a natural substance. Also, it reduces the poor emptying of the stomach and improves the movement of upper intestines. This drug may sometimes be used to prevent vomiting from laser treatment of cancer or chemotherapy. You can use Reglan for migraines as well.
However, Reglan medication is not suitable for children younger than 1 year because of some serious side effects. For instance, uncontrolled muscle movement.

Reglan Dosage

You must go through the medication guide that is provided by the manufacturer or pharmacist, before taking the Reglan. Make sure to consult your doctor as well if you have any queries related to this drug.
This medicine is taken by mouth 30 minutes before taking meals and at bedtime, normally four times on a daily basis or as suggested by your doctor. Be careful while measuring the dose by the help of measuring spoon if you are taking it in liquid form.
If you are using Reglan in tablet form, do not take out the tablet from blister pack except before your dose time and place it on the tongue immediately after removing from the pack. Let it dissolve completely before swallowing. Water is not needed to gulp down this medicine. Do not take the tablet if it is crushed or broken.
The medical conditions and response of treatment can influence the prescribed amount. For example, your doctor may recommend you to use a single dose only before the times when you get heartburn rather than using it during the day. This minimizes the side effects as well.
Reglan is generally taken for 2 to 8 weeks to cure the diabetic gastroparesis. Your doctor may suggest you to take it again if symptoms of gastroparesis reappear. It should not be taken for more than 12 weeks as proposed by the manufacturer.
If you forget to take your dose, follow your regular dosing schedule. Don’t take a double dose. Withdrawal symptoms like headaches and dizziness may also appear if you are using this drug for a long time. Report this reaction to your doctor straight away.

Side Effects of Reglan

Consult with your doctor right away if you find Reglan side effects including decreased sexual ability, uncontrolled muscle movements such as neck twisting and back arching. Mental changes like depression, confusion, anxiety and even the thoughts of suicide are also side effects. In women, these effects can be enlarged breasts (reglan breastfeeding), abnormal production of breast milk, change in menstrual cycle, and swelling of hands or feet. Weariness, itching, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, dizziness, headache, trouble breathing, and Parkinson-like symptoms may also appear.
Get medical help immediately if any of these effects prolong or gets worse.


Reglan includes some inactive ingredients that result in allergic reactions to other problems. Hence, if you have any allergies, tell your doctor before taking this drug. Reveal your medical history of kidney issues, breast cancer, liver problems such as cirrhosis or porphyria, Parkinson’s disease, cardiac failure, mood problems, high blood pressure, and pheochromocytoma.
Don’t drive or perform any activity that requires you to be alert, after taking Reglan medication as it can make you drowsy and dizzy. It would be difficult to control the blood sugar levels if you have diabetes. Keep a record of your blood sugar levels on daily basis. Let your doctor know about the high or low blood sugar levels.
Reglan uses phenylalanine or aspartame. Ask your medical practitioner for the safe usage of this drug if you are in a condition where you need to avoid phenylalanine and aspartame.
A side effect of Reglan like uncontrolled muscle movement may influence the children strongly. Drowsiness, tardive dyskinesia, and Parkinson’s type muscle problem may occur in older adults who are using this product.
If we see both Reglan pregnancy, this medicine should only be used after discussing the risks and benefits with your doctor. This drug may also affect the breast milk and nursing infant hence be careful.



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