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What is risperdal used for?

Risperdal is a medicine used to cure diseases related to mental disorders. Primarily it is used in the treatment process of Schizophrenia in which the ability of a person to think clearly, act decisive, to handle emotions and sentiments and social relations. Risperdal is also a primitive medicine used to cure Bi-Polar disorders in which the mood swings of the patients are very rapid. It cannot be predicted when the mood of a patient suffering from bipolar disorder, will be suitable and when not. The day-to-day activities are thus affected in the worst manner for the people in surrounding too.
Risperdal Generic is Risperidone with availability in the market having brand names as Risperdal and Risperdal-M tablets. It basically works to change the effects of chemicals excreted from different glands in the brain. By changing the chemical activity, the patient is brought to near possible calm state using Risperidone.

Risperdal children

Risperdal uses as an effective medicine to be used for controlling the frustration of Autistic Children. Autistic children are those who find it difficult for them to communicate with other children in their surrounding normally. They are attracted to alone. Risperdal is advised to the patients with symptoms of Autism.
Risperdal is avoided to be advised in Dementia. Dementia is a collection of symptoms which include Memory loss, Reasoning ability, Identifying and differentiating people and object. The reason is, it may effect as a catalyst for the patients of Dementia leading to Death. It may also be noted here that Dementia is not to be taken without the consent of an authorized doctor.

While taking Risperdal, you may suffer from different side effects of Risperdal. Your body may become extremely sensitive to your surrounding temperatures. You must not get too cold or too hot for your body to bear. Especially in Hot weather, it is very easy for the patient taking Risperdal to get overheated and dehydrated, which is overwhelmingly dangerous and fatal. When taking this medicine, increase your intake of liquids, juices, fluids.
Indulging in any activity which requires your mental presence and activeness is negated, after taking the dose because your brain is under the effects of medicine thus sufficiently decreasing thinking ability.
See your medical correspondent immediately when you feel stiffness in muscles, extreme sweating, Unusual Heartbeats and pulses, confusion and feeling fainted.
When the doctor advises you to take Risperdal, it is mandatory for you to tell if you have any of the following conditions associated to you:
Heart related problems.
Blood pressure
Kidney or liver problems
Parkinson’s disease
Breast cancer history.
Risperdal and antipsychotic medicines can initiate a frustrated behavior in the initial stage of use. You may generate a desire to commit suicide and your mood swings become very drastic so it is advised to inform close personal relatives about the usage of medicine. The doctor will also have to check on your mood in regular interval checkups.
Use of medicine in the last 3 months of pregnancy is not suitable for the newborn nourishing in the fetus. It can implant adverse side effects on the health of newborn, like Feeding Issues, Breathing Issues, Tremors and improper nourishment of muscles. If you intend to or become pregnant during the use of Risperdal, properly consent to your doctor and consult every detail with him personally.
While taking Risperdal, Breast Feeding is not advisable because it can be absorbed in the milk and passed on to the young one harming him. It is generally advised by the doctors to not breastfeed until 3 months after being on this medicine.
Risperdal dosage should be regularly and carefully monitored. It can be taken with or without the food intake. Risperdal-M tablets are dissolvable tablets which disintegrate when they are placed in the mouth. While taking, these certain precautions are advised. Your hands should be dry. Peel of the cover completely instead of pushing out the tablet. Let the tablet disintegrate completely and gradually in your mouth before swallowing it. The injection of Risperdal is also available in the market by the name of Risperdal Consta.

Liquid type dosages should be carefully monitored by dosage measuring elements. They must not be juggled up with drinks or tea to enhance the flavor and taste. This may result in altered effects.
Risperdal side effects are numerous and clearly visible. You must call your doctor immediately if you feel anyone from these:
Risperdal breasts: swelling sensation and stiffness in breasts (both in men & women).
Risperdal Gynecomastia, a condition in which the breast of younger boys gets shaped like those of women.
Rampant Muscle movements in your face. These may include rapid blinking, lip smacking, chewing, and frowning.
Chronic nervous system effect. Uneven Pulses, High Fever, confusion.
Decrease in platelets levels in blood
Penis erection for a longer time period.
Increased urination urge, hunger, thirst, blurred vision.
Some side effects are common and wear out with the passage of time:
Anxiety, Frustration
Depression in mood
Weight gain
Acute pain in arms or legs

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