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What is seroquel used for?

Seroquel is the medicine manufactured to cure patients suffering from Schizophrenia. Broadly, it is classified in antipsychotic medicine class which works by altering the chemical activities happening in the brain. Chemical activities in the brain are holding the control of co-ordination of physical activities with brain orders and patients suffering from schizophrenia develop malfunctions due to chemical behaving abnormally in their brain.
Generic Seroquel is available by the name Quetiapine, and the brand names famous in the pharmaceutical world are Seroquel and Seroquel XR.
Seroquel is used for the treatment of the patients having mental disorders, mainly it is advised to adult patients and children with age limit not less than 13 yrs.

Seroquel reviews

Seroquel is also effective to cure Bipolar disorders primarily in adult patients and children with age limits of 10 and above. The medicine in addition to the anti-depressants can be used to treat patients having acute depression problems.
Seroquel XR, Extended Release Quetiapine, is only advised for the adults and it is forbidden to be used in the treatment process of patients of age group less than 18.
Seroquel is a highly effective medicine which must not be used without consent from an authorized doctor. Seroquel dosage must also be monitored and regulated as told by the doctor if it is not monitored some serious disorders which may not be able to be reversed can take place.
Seroquel’s major effect shows in the inability to move at will if the dosage of medicine is not administered properly as regulated by the doctor and for the longer time span then administered by an authorized doctor.
Seroquel is not advised for the patients of Dementia. It may lead to serious problems like Heart failure, Sudden Death or pneumonia in adults suffering from Dementia.
It is mandatory to contact the doctor immediately of anyone of the following symptoms appear while using the drug:
Uncontrolled, Unusual Muscle Movements.
Increased urge of thirst and urination.
Blurriness in vision
Unusual heartbeats
Weakness with acute hunger pain.

Patients who are using this medicine for the first time must be put under the strict vision and careful observations because it urges some dangerous desires for the first time users. These may be as dangerous as having thoughts about committing suicide. The doctor must regularly check the first timers and the close relatives of patients must be in the picture in this matter.
Those persons who are already having allergic responses to Quetiapine must not inhibit use of Seroquel. It must be briefed to doctor about having any of the following conditions, for managing safe use of Seroquel.
Kidney or liver problems.
Heartbeats, Pulse Rate issues and a history of heart attack.
Increased Cholesterol Levels.
High Blood Pressure.
Epilepsy/ Seizures.
Decreased White Blood Cells.
Swallowing issues.

Using antipsychotic medicine during pregnancy especially in the end 3 months can put up serious issues to the baby inside the fetus. Proper recommendation from the consultant/personal doctor must be attained with clear instructions to use Seroquel during pregnancy. It must be noted here that, if pregnancy occurs during the use of medicine, it is never advisable to quit the dosage without seeking permission from the doctor.
Quetiapine can transfuse into Breast Milk and thus harm the breastfeeding baby. So breastfeeding during the course of medicine is not allowed.
Seroquel Dosages must always be monitored with a proper consent from the doctor and never be altered personally or by reading the reviews.
Seroquel can be used with a glass full of water, with food or without food.
Extended Release Seroquel tablet must not be crushed, chewed or broken in ingestion process. It must be swallowed as a whole tablet. If you suffer from Diabetes problem, it is advised to regularly check sugar levels in the blood. Blood pressure of child and teenage patients must be monitored very often when they are on Seroquel treatment.

Seroquel side effects

Side effects of Seroquel are numerous and not to be taken lightly if they appear very frequently. Avoid use of alcohol with the use of Seroquel because it acts as a catalyst to fasten the side effects. Avoid sudden getting up as you may feel severe drowsiness. You must report to your consultant immediately if you have any of the following symptoms:
Difficulty in breathing
Swelling sensation in ears, face, lips or tongue.
Anxiety and sleep disorders (seroquel sleep).
Stiffness in the muscles, uncontrolled heart rate.
Twitching of your eyes
Impotence in men missed menstrual periods in women.
Blurriness in vision, acute or sharp pain in eyes.
Nausea, vomiting, Stomach Ache, Constipation.
Seroquel overdose can produce very potent or fatal results so it must be reported immediately to the hospital and seek professional help before it’s too late. An overdose if not managed properly can lead to loss of life.



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